My WeChat ID is kahaluu

Probably the most reliable way to reach me is through WeChat. I hope we can be WeChat friends. WeChat is free. My WeChat ID is kahaluu.

The reason I suggest WeChat is that because sometimes I don’t have my phone, its normal SIM, and/or T-Mobile/Google/Skype lacks service in the area that I’m visiting.

So although you may have established a non-WeChat mode of connecting with me. Please feel free to use WeChat in case I haven’t responded timely. Otherwise you’re also welcome to just continue using the mode you find most convenient in contacting me. Thanks!


Ancestry DNA results are in!

Weird but great that Ancestry emailed notification on a Sunday morning, yesterday. No surprise per our family’s genealogy but corroboration that I’m Chinese-Hawaiian. The weird part was that I tbought percentages would be expressed as fractions of 1/2. What they found was that my DNA says I’m 90% East Asian and 10% Polynesian. Close enough that it’s no surprise.

Spitting saliva was easy. Now the on-going effort to find proper names and dates to fill-out the family tree. And whether to pay all the nickels & dimes for Ancestry’s additional services is debatable. I’m trying to find more value in this weighed against my time.

News, 8/11/17

  1. New format per WordPress has been deployed. I’m currently figuring out how to better organize the content, and will do this for easier reference.
  2. My freeze dryer is on the way! Harvest Right got it shipped today, and anticipated arrival via boat to Honolulu is August 21-24, 2017. As we run the Kahalu’u Country Store, we’ve become an affiliate for Harvest Right (see ad below). If you have any requests on what might be interesting to freeze dry, please let me know. I’m currently thinking local luau favorites and florals. Also any post delivery questions in general are welcome.
  3. The ‘awa baskets on the R&D page are doing fine to-date. I’m using three different types of media: (1) compost only, (2) 60% compost & 40% soil, and (3) 1/3 each of compost/soil/black volcanic cinder. They are increasing order of expense. It’ll be interesting to see how well the ‘awa plants do in these different media. Regular application of EM Bokashi and best practices are a standard regiment. As such they will be able to carry the label as ʻAwa nō ka ʻoi ™ (the best ‘awa) for Hawaiian Kava Center LLC.
  4. EM Bokashi. Normally I use American grown rice or wheat bran. Interestingly, I got a few hundred pounds of Japan grown rice bran. The amount is too small for a normal run, so sale of this type of EM Bokashi will be made available at the farm by arrangement. However, notes will be made to characterize its qualities. American bran will continue to be used for our Hawaii and U.S. mainland customers via store or mailorder.
  5. Lotus flowers are still pending for Hawaii Lotus. Since the lotus were started from seed, it’s anticipated that it’ll be another year before blooms start to appear. However, young plants <1yr are available for sale by arrangements at my farm, $20 each.


Pebble Time Steel, silver – Changing the OEM leather strap to a sharkskin band or Panerai-style Military Rubber Diver Strap

I got my sharkskin band and military rubber diver strap and couldn’t be more pleased to-date. My Pebble Time Steel (silver) was ordered with an off-white leather strap. After about 10 days of usage, it really started to wrinkle and look hideous under normal wear. Reasonable people do not like to deal with crap.


PTS OEM leather strap. is an ugly mess after only 10 days of normal use, perhaps 20-30 cycles for on/off wear to account for showering/sleeping. The suede-like material also seems to attract and retain a lot of environmental dirt and body oil.

I got my sharkskin band with Breitling-style clasp and Panerai-style Military Rubber strap and found them to be significant improvements.


PTS (silver) with new Panerai-style Military Rubber Strap. This has become my favorite as it’s waterproof and perhaps more interesting to look at than the traditional black or brown.


PTS (silver) with new sharkskin leather band and Breitling-style clasp. This should wear gently as the clasp precludes cyclical bending and stress where prong holes would normally go.


Close up of the clasp. The gap appears large but the watch does not slide around much as there are other sufficient points of contact including parts of the clasp and several points along the band.


Close up of the clasp. The rubber strap feels very comfortable – more pliable than leather and stretches if under tension. The best part for an active person is that it’s waterproof!

















The total cost of the sharkskin band including the Breitling-style clasp and spring pins was $90.90. I bought this online from


The total cost of the Panerai-style Military Rubber Strap including spring pins was $27.50 from –


Why go with sharkskin? Classy looks and comfort of course!  Sharkskin trade is fine as the sharks used are not endangered. This one is camel colored. Other colors include black, mocha, and cobalt.

Why go with the Breitling-style clasp? I believe the leather will wear better over time as there is no longer significant stress to the band when putting it on or taking it off.

Why go with the Panerai-style Military Rubber Strap? Active lifestyle, comfort and it’s waterproof! The only time it really need come off is when charging the PTS.

Is it hard to change the band or the strap? No. Get a spring pin tool. It’s a quick task that takes 2-3 minutes. If you’re clumsy, work from the back of the watch. That way if you slip you won’t leave visible tool marks.


Spring Pin Tool. I just use the left end to compress the pin for removal. I use my finger nail to compress the pin for installation.


Bougainvillea in bokehwonderland, evening — at Kahalu’u Country Store

wpid-2015-03-12-18.12.26_perfectlyclear0001.jpg.jpegI spend a lot of time here at KCS. It was the end of the day and I went about to look for some color warmth perhaps to make up for today’s chilly temperatures (was 70°). I ended up heading to the bougainvillea shrub near the mailboxes.

Here the camera angle was purposefully positioned to find more interesting out-of-focus areas and balancing the main subject – the white flower within the orange bougainvillea floral leaves. The time of day was about when the sun began setting behind the Ko’olau mountains in Kahalu’u. Shot wide open to maximize bokeh at  f/1.4.

The transfer idea I believe I learned today was that in your own composition, focus is not only important on the main subject but that the background also matters – perhaps equally so. Imagine applying the same idea to everything one does.

Tech: a7r, 50mm asph lux, hawks adapter (links are to Amazon and Ebay). PP via Picture Perfect phone app.

Happy Meal on Beretania – Chirashi by Sakura-ya

One of life’s sorrows is the fact of impermanence. I think that’s what drives me to chase excellence. There’s no life chasing mediocrity.

Lunch list: You will enjoy adding Sakura-ya on Beretania. If you’re in a rush, they also have ready-to-go okazuya, but if you can spare a few minutes, their chirashi bowls is the reason to be there. They have three to choose from – Deluxe, Ahi w/natto, and Spicy Tuna w/natto.  Makai street parking on Beretania is sometimes available.

Tech: a7r, 50mm asph lux, 35mm Canadian ‘cron, hawks adapter (links are to Amazon and Ebay). PP via Picture Perfect phone app.

Substance = Slamdunk = What Matters

Deluxe Chirashi. 50mm lens, hawks.


Ahi and Natto

Ahi and Natto. 35mm lens, hawks.

Spicy Tuna and Natto

Spicy Tuna and Natto. 35mm lens, hawks.



Red Hibiscus at Dusk

wpid-2015-02-12-18.43.05.jpg.jpegThis was taken in the gardens at Kahalu’u Country Store at dusk on February 12, 2015. That faint white disk in the top-right quadrant is a peek of light through the foliage. The 50mm lens was shot wide open at f/1.4, 1/500s, iso 1250. A square crop seemed apt.

The intention was to have clarity and detail on the dainty accompanied by interesting bokeh in the background.

Tech: a7r, 50mm asph lux, hawks adapter (links are to Amazon and Ebay). PP via Picture Perfect phone app.

Garden addition

Anybody able to ID this floral? Visitors and friends give us plants or sometimes leave orphans with us. It’s an interesting collection and well appreciated. This time I wasn’t around so I have no clue on this plant’s identity.

The plant is in a concrete pot located on our farm on our South Road directly across from the nursery at Kahalu’u Country Store. Mahalo!

You’re welcome to visit to come see it and other plants on the farm! We’re open 10am -2pm, MWF, or by arrangements. Tech: a7r, 50mm asph lux, hawks adapter (links are to Amazon and Ebay).

Hello world!

Jonathan Yee on the Kahaluu Country Store farm, south side, Oahu, Hawaii.

Jonathan Yee on the Kahaluu Country Store farm, south side, Oahu, Hawaii. ‘Awa mahakea growing on the slopes.

Aloha, today’s February 9, 2015 and this is my first post.  I’m blogging in the hopes of sharing and finding common or related interests that either one of us or both find value.

A picture’s worth countless words, so to save time, you’ll probably see a lot of photos and associated titles to which you’re welcome to comment, question and contact me. In the end, if something productive comes about, then I would consider this blogging effort worthwhile.



Tech: a7r, 50mm asph lux (links are to Amazon).